Earthquake Forecast


Your Earthquake Forecast purchase will be sent to you via email at the web address that you specify, within 12-36 hours of purchase; the forecast time span will begin not less than 24 hours from the email transmission time. 

The single forecast purchase consists of one sentence containing the identified region; the projected magnitude, plus or minus 1 on the Richter scale; and, the estimated quake date, with a timeframe of  plus or minus 3 days, which spans one week.  This earthquakeforecast service is most effective when purchased for the period of one year (by a company, government, or industry association, e.g. nuclear power plant group, etc.) in which the yearly fee would be 52 x $5000 = $260,000, enabling the purchaser to receive scheduled advance notification of any potential quake or tsunami generating hazard for mitigation purposes.

The Earthquake Forecast follow up consists of sending, via email, the itemized list of quakes that have occurred during the time span and location of the forecast, as documented from either the EMSC and/or USGS, of whom the forecaster has no affiliation whatsoever.  Any  seismic moment, measured at any location, within the purchased timeframe, that meets the forecast location, time and magnitude specified, renders the forecast 100% accurate.  If only two parameters are met, the forecast is a failure and you receive a 100% refund of the purchase price.


By clicking to purchase, you agree that the seller and any supporting services are not and cannot be held liable for any damage, death, failure to receive or incorrect Earthquake Forecast, except a full refund limited to the EarthquakeForecast purchase price.